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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where the heck is Greenfield Iowa?

    • Greenfield is a small town at the intersection of highways 25 and 92.  In addition to our event, it's got some great unique locally owned shops that we welcome you to browse while you're in town.

  • Why only $5 for the entrance fee?

    • Because the real purpose of this faire is to bring people together around a recreation of history in a real historic town.  We want people to come, laugh, ooh and ahh at the performers, enjoy the goods provided by the vendors, and just have a good time with their families and neighbors.  Do we hope we make out like bandits?  Of course.  Is that why we're doing this?  No.  We're doing it for the vendors, both local and from around the country, to come and sell their unique wares, ones you don't see at department stores.  

  •  Why no onsite ATMs?

    • This amenity requires a wireless internet connection and electricity. Both of which we have limited access to at this time.

  • Are pets allowed?

    • Yes, as long they are on a leash and cleaned up after.  Because the safety of our patrons and their children is paramount, any animal showing signs of aggression will be asked to leave the faire.  

  • Why no king/queen/jousting?

    • The theme of this faire is based on a real medieval practice where groups of merchants and performers would ask to set up shop in a city, get told to pay out the ear or get lost, and answered that affront by setting up just outside city limits where they could afford to offer their services at prices people could afford.  As such these events were not sanctioned by city officials, who were often quite annoyed at people having fun without paying them!  No kings, queens, or their tournaments here, just honest folk having honest fun.

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